Anti-Slip Treatment

Prevent Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Wet slippery floors are an accident waiting to happen. Anti-slip treatments are the best, most cost-effective solution for slippery floors. A single application is designed to help prevent slip-and-fall accidents in areas that become slippery when wet. By increasing the coefficient of friction and creating microscopic pores, this clear, chemical treatment will create a vacuum or suction effect when wet. 

Long-Lasting, Effective Treatments

Proper application is key, so hire us to ensure maximum durability for longer. This treatment is effective for all types of wet and dry surfaces like tile, terrazzo, marble, granite, limestone, concrete, etc. Our treatments are safe and will not damage your existing flooring. Anti-slip treatment is an excellent choice for shower floors, bathroom floors, porcelain bath tubs, public areas, public restrooms, exterior tiled areas, locker rooms, pool areas, etc.

Reduce the chance of slip-and-fall injuries in your home or business by contacting us today to find out more about our anti-slip treatments.

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